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Gentle cesareans are an option in Phoenix-area hospitals! 

Ask your doctor about how they can accommodate your gentle cesarean birth plan!

Wisdom of Birth Cesarean Childbirth Class Objectives

Cost: $100 for a 90 minute, in-home childbirth class.  Price includes workbook to keep.

  • Understanding Cesarean Birth
  • Writing a Gentle Cesarean Birth Plan
  • Embracing your Cesarean Birth/Fear-Release Exercises
  • Partner Support during a Cesarean
  • Postpartum Expectations & Care

Private Class

Cost: $185 (discount for existing WoB clients)

In-Home, Tailored Childbirth Education

Clients fill out a questionnaire before the class, so I can tailor the content specifically to their birth needs.  Other content includes: Writing a Birth Plan, Physiology of Birth, Over-coming Fears & Navigating Common Birth Challenges. 


Book today, and get 25% off your in-home, private childbirth class!

  • Demonstration of the baby's decent through the pelvis, and how position impacts delivery.
  • Stages of Labor; when to go to the hospital
  • Writing a Birth Plan
  • Exploring your birth culture
  • Fear-Release Exercises
  • Emotional Coping Techniques
  • Physical Coping Techniques
  • Value of Building your Birth Team

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Wisdom of Birth Childbirth Class Objectives

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