$175 - Placenta Encapsulation

Add ons: Tincture, Prints, Cord Keepsakes & Smoothie Options

My client's safety is my highest priority when processing placentas.  Here are some of the ways that I make safety and sanitation a priority:

  • Before I begin processing the placenta, my kitchen goes through a deep-cleaning process including one-time use sponges and bleach on all surfaces, the sink and the drains.  I wrap all work surfaces with plastic wrap to avoid any cross-contamination of my house with your product.
  • Many of the tools I use are one use only including: chucks pads, lining the dehydrator with parchment paper, and disposable cutting boards.  Other tools that aren't disposable go through a rigorous sterilizing process including an antibacterial wash and bleach soak between uses.  The tools are kept separately stored from regular household items and only brought out after the kitchen has been sterilized.
  • I have my food handler's card; a basic step in ensuring I know the safe way to handle and process product for human consumption.
  • The placenta is left in the cooler on ice until the kitchen and work space is fully sterilized.

Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture Process:

  1. Wash and remove blood, blood clots, calcified spots, the umbilical cord and the remaining membrane (amniotic sac)
  2. (Optional) Remove a piece of raw placenta to be used for tincture and/or smoothies.
  3. (Optional) Steam the placenta using low heat, with lemon, ginger and frankincense (these can be adjusted based on client's preferences)
  4. Finely slice the placenta into thin strips; dehydrate at 118°F until placenta is completely dehydrated.
  5. Finely grind the placenta into powder.
  6. Encapsulate the placenta powder (yields 80-120 capsules).

I am happy to make certain accommodations with the preparation of the placenta; so long as they stay within the ethical and safety guidelines of my training. 

Your placenta is handled in love and respect for you,

and usually to the sound track of Ed Sheeran or Sara Bareilles.

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Placenta Encapsulation Services

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Reported Benefits:

  • contain the mother's own natural hormones
  • perfectly made for the mother
  • balance the mother's system
  • replenish depleted iron
  • give the mother more energy
  • lessen bleeding postnatally
  • increase milk supply
  • decrease baby blues and postpartum depression
  • hasten the return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state
  • helpful when weaning from breastfeeding to stabilize hormones

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