Wisdom of Birth
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Class Details

  • Payments & Refunds - All tickets ARE refundable; but please give three days notice before the class is scheduled so I can make arrangements for someone else to have your seat.
  • Class Includes - 120 minutes of information about planning a VBAC birth including topics like: Choosing a Provider, Which Interventions to Avoid, VBAC Facts, Processing Birth Fears, etc.  The class includes access to a VBAC Workbook, to use for notes and activities during the class.
  • Scheduling - Please enter the Month and Date of which class you're registering for.
  • COVID Safety  - Classes will be held virtually with audio and video.  Please make sure you have access to a webinar-style training using either your mobile phone or computer.
  • The $75 registration includes access to the class for two participants; typically the pregnant woman and her partner.  
  • Birth professionals can join the class; please contact Jenni Froment for details.

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