The Details

  • Cost: $75/couple

  • Duration: 2 Hours

  • Virtual Class

  • Limit of 6 Couples per Class

Class Topics:

  • Wisdom of Birth's Five Step VBAC Checklist
  • What can I learn from my first birth(s) to help me avoid any of the same challenges?
  • Is VBAC safe? (I offer all the latest VBAC research, hot off the presses!)
  • How to process the fears and anxieties you have into knowledge and empowerment.
  • What to expect during labor?

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As a doula, VBA2C mom and previous chapter leader of ICAN of Phoenix; I pack all of my personal and professional experience into this class, where I can offer the unique perspective of someone that has been in your shoes, plus someone that has helped hundreds of women have their own VBAC.  This is truly my life's passion.
Wisdom of Birth

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